Asset Growth Assured
Your trees' value is assured to grow over 5 times its purchase price simply by growing, even if Teak prices do not increase!

An Appreciating Asset
Substantially outperforms conventional investments while providing the security of tangible asset ownership.

Phenomenal Profitablility
We project compounded returns of 15% to 18% per year and over based on conservative estimates.*

Stable Market Dynamics
Growing demand coupled with limited geographical growing areas and shrinking international supply suggest that increases in plantation Teak prices should continue!

A Real Tangible Asset - Trust Protected
Your teak trees will grow substantially in value every year regardless of instability in global financial markets. Your asset is protected by an independent trust.

Safety, Security & Guaranteed Performance
Teak trees flourish in a protected rainforest environment while the politically neutral government of Costa Rica provides a stable political and economic environment. All purchases are protected by Pacific Teak’s Performance Guarantee.

* to learn more use our online valuation forecaster or request a copy of our buyers guide.