Pacific Teak offers four guarantee programs to  protect your purchase and ensure complete customer satisfaction:

      1. Yield Harvest Guarantee
      2. Replacement Guarantee
      3. Life Cycle Protection Guarantee
      4. PMG Satisfaction Guarantee

Highlights of each program are shown below:

Yield Harvest Guarantee
Unlike other plantations that guarantee the number of trees planted, we  guarantee the number of trees harvested. When proper care and maintenance techniques are applied, only about one in four trees planted are left at final harvest; the balance are thinned along the way to ensure  optimal growth of the final crop. This is why we guarantee the harvest and not the number of trees planted. If for any reason the land set aside to grow your trees does not produce the contracted yield at final harvest, PMG will make up the difference from its private reserve of Teak trees.

Replacement Guarantee
During the first full year of growth for all purchased trees, PMG will, free of charge, replant/replace any trees not achieving PMG’s stringent growth standards. Also during the first two years of tree growth, Pacific Teak Customers may, upon physical inspection of their purchased trees, request the replacement of any trees not meeting the owner’s satisfaction. At its option, PMG will satisfy the owner’s replanting request or promptly refund a proportionate part of the purchase price.

Life Cycle Protection Guarantee
For each purchase of 60 trees or more, PMG will, plant and set in Trust one additional tree for every tree purchased to protect buyers against any unlikely natural disaster or unforeseen circumstance that could adversely affect customer’s trees. Entrusted trees are held under the authority and direction of an independent Trustee for the entire 15 year growth cycle, and will remain in Trust until PMG has completely satisfied all terms and conditions of the purchase agreement. Trees are set in Trust once purchased trees planted, identified, and  paid for in full.

PMG Satisfaction Guarantee
To ensure Pacific Teak buyer satisfaction, PMG provides “Paid in full” customers with the option to return their trees for a full refund during the first thirty days from the date of purchase.

Please refer to the Pacific Teak Buyer’s Guide for full descriptions of Pacific Teak’s Guarantee Programs.